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Launching 'The Method' to create fitness entrepreneurs

2020 has been tough for fitness professionals, many whom are still struggling to adapt to what the pandemic has caused. With gyms initially closed and many high profile trainers providing access to free live daily virtual workouts, the traditional local trainer who's livelihood was made from a handful of loyal face to face clients has been severely damaged. Even now with facilities back open, albeit with specific rules, many clients are reluctant to come back or simply can't afford to because of their own jobs taking a hit.

In order to survive, fitness professionals are having to think differently. They are needing to not only up-skill in marketing techniques, but also get creative with content, service delivery and general business strategy. All whilst continuing to be on top of their game training clients. Simple videos and selfies on instagram are no longer enough!

Introducing 'The Method'. A concept born to support fitness entrepreneurs build their brand, grow their audience, convert followers to paying clients and ultimately scale to as big as they want.

If you are a fitness professional looking to strategically take it to the next level, then check out The Method website. You will also find some free resources to get you started, as well as the opportunity to book a FREE discovery call.

Remember, change starts with action!

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