• Amish Patel

Guess what? There's a human at the other end

Let’s get something covered straight away… Digital is an enabler to communicate to other humans on scale and with higher frequency, it doesn’t mean you have to drop all sense of relationship and personalisation turning yourself into a corporate robot.

Back to basics first

Find out a bit about them; where are they, what time of day is it, how has their day been, what do they already know about you. Ok, so you can’t outright ask all of these questions if for example you are writing online content or producing a video, but you can draw on the wealth of data that let’s you answer these points before planning the tone of your messaging, the topic, the time and place you plan to serve it and whether this is what they need right now. This in turn could help you determine the amount of variations you may need in order to serve different segments.

I called this bit the basics, but you’re probably thinking that this has become quite sophisticated all too fast. You’re probably right, but as it turns out, the digital audiences these days are pretty sophisticated as they need to sift through a whole bunch of messaging across many mediums in order to find what resonates with them, this decision is done within seconds, so if you haven’t grabbed them by this time, you’ve lost your chance.


I’ll leave you with only this for now, but next time I will explore in detail how you can go about humanising your content.

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