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In my 9+ years working with major pharmaceutical companies, supporting startups, small businesses and the self-employed, my passion and dedication has come from true belief in the brand, its purpose and the way it serves society.

What I've seen too often is that teams overcomplicate things by listening to too many conflicting opinions, leading them to spend too much time, money & resources in areas of little value in order to tick all of the perceived boxes. 


My mission is to ensure teams are working smarter by putting in the effort where it really matters, with the 'why' always in mind.

Why 'Five After Now'?

It all began by missing out on a job after the final stage interview (I did get another job in the end, which worked out better for me). Essentially, the presentation I had prepared in the earlier round got such great feedback that I didn't want it to be limited to an audience of two, therefore I decided to turn it into a blog post. Once posted, it received some great feedback, but this time from a wider audience.  


This then evolved into a medium for me to dive deeper into some of the areas I was working on at the time or challenges I was facing. The premise behind it was that if I was facing these dilemmas, then maybe there were other people out there too. So, if I could help by providing my thoughts, plus actionable tips that people could implement five minutes from reading the blog post, then why not?

What now?

I want to bring real-life strategies to companies, teams & individuals who want to achieve meaningful results by leveraging modern day marketing methods; whether that is working directly with them or by creating valuable on-demand programmes focused on my specialist areas - pharma, healthcare & fitness.

My process
Additional credentials
1. Discover

Get to know your purpose, your audience, how you got to where you are today and where you want to get to.

2. Design

Create an aligned marketing strategy that hits the sweet spot between your customer needs and your business objectives.

3. Develop

Create a story through content that will engage your target audience by giving them an epic experience.

4. Deploy

Put it out there, monitor and optimise to ensure your customer stays happy and you get the best return possible.

What others say about me

“You have brought so many new ideas to the table throughout this whole project and worked swiftly to execute them all, so we have been able to communicate with customers in new and more engaging ways - lifesaver!”

— Pharma Marketing Director

Want to work with me?

Check out my programmes from the main menu or send me a message directly.

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